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Video - The W1nners' Club

It’s not all laughter and giggles here at The W1nners’ Club you know. In between the office banter and cigarette breaks, we do occasionally get a bit of work done from time to time and being the tech savvy bunch that we are, we’ve done a few videos to help you navigate your way through the maze that is office life.

You never know, some of it might just come in handy one day (although we very much doubt it).


How to Break into your boss’s office:



How to uncover your colleague’s computer password:



The symptoms of a post-work drinks hangover and how to keep them at bay:



10 things to do on the daily commute to make the journey more bearable:



The 10 worst excuses you can ever use for being late to work:




How to pass your 3 month probation period in a new job: