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You Tube - The W1nners' Club


Becoming unemployed will give you the most important thing anybody requires to become successful in life Rich Parents time!

The thing you need to do is work out what to do with all the hours you now have at your disposal in between going to see your job coach at the benefits office. You can either spend your days working on the drink and drug problem that occasionally manifested itself when you were employed, or you could become a You Tube star.

If making videos online is your thing, here’s how to become the next Pew Die Pie:

Be Original

Remember, the next trend won’t be what’s happening right now, but what isn’t happening. It’s therefore important that you think about what you can offer the masses that they aren’t already getting at the moment. Do you have an unusual skill or talent? Is there something about life that amuses you? You’d be surprised what the great online public will watch on their mobile phones these days.

Patience is key

The reality is that you more likely than not won’t see any success from your first video upload. The majority of successful You Tubers have usually plugged away until their following reached a point of critical mass. You therefore need to be prepared to see your view count languishing in the low digits for a while before the cash comes rolling in.

Invest in some kit

With nothing more than a smartphone, people can get up to speed posting online content these days for almost zero cost. It’s therefore worth investing some of the money you start to make in an affordable camera. Getting your Vlog to look a bit better than average will pay you dividends further down the line.

Resist bringing too many others on board

You don’t really need a Hollywood blockbuster-sized film crew to run a successful You Tube channel. The main focal point will be what you say and the personality you are able to attach to your content. Remember; too many cooks spoil the broth so it’s best if you keep your simmering success to yourself where possible.

Spend lots of time on social media

A You Tube star cannot live on You Tube alone. You’ll need to engage other social media platforms to truly make the dent in the market you’re after. Think of it as plugging a dam wall. There’s the main hole, but all the tiny cracks at the side to fill as well. Your vlogs will give you a strong personal connection with your audience but other social platforms will help you fill the gaps. Social media gives you the opportunity to stay engaged with your fans when you’re not uploading videos of yourself reviewing the latest video game release or chasing people down the street wearing a clown suit.

Be prepared to collaborate

………it’s one of the best ways to build an audience. If you’re able to hook up with another Tuber on the way up, it’s a great way to gather subscribers quickly. Consider what extra value you can bring to a video you do with someone else eg. Beatboxing skills, or the ability to do the world’s greatest Chewbacca impression for example. You should also consider using social messaging services to contact potential co-creators as most will have inboxes that resemble a national post office sorting room.

Create more channels

As you grow, you may feel that there is an ever increasing breadth to your vlogging talent and therefore you might consider creating multiple channels. Different audiences and demographics enjoy different things so an alternative approach may be required depending on who you’re talking to. Don’t fall into the trap of discussing retirement plans with a school age audience – unless of course they are particularly financially savvy kids with a keen interest in endowment policies.


Good Luck!


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