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Ballet Dancer - The W1nners' Club


Becoming a professional ballet dancer requires a hell of a lot more than simply sticking on a tutu and trying to stand on tip toe. The art form was invented during the Renaissance period in Italy so is therefore a million miles from the last job you had working in the credit control department of a courier firm in East Grinstead.

If you really want to make the grade as a ballet dancer, you’ll have to put in a serious amount of hard work in what is a fiercely competitive industry. However, with the right degree of application and a shire horse poop-sized amount of dedication then maybe – just maybe, you could end up performing in a Midsummer Night’s Dream rather than spending every night in the middle of summer drunk and depressed dreaming about being a ballet dancer.



It counts towards most achievements in life, but going from working in the I.T. department to performing Swan Lake will require 100% focus from you. Think about how it feels when the email goes down at work yet again and you can’t be bothered to ask someone if they’ve checked whether the computer is switched on or not……….It’ll be just like that at times, except you’ll be doing the splits and wearing a pair of tights.

Good Training

You’ll need to find a good school if you’re going to truly progress in the world of ballet. The main things to consider will be the cost of your training, what style of ballet the school teaches and of course how hot the crumpet/sexy blokes are on the course.

Attend Summer Intensives

There are people that wouldn’t mind becoming ballet dancers and there are people that are ballet dancers. The group you ultimately end up in will be determined by how much extra work you put in to achieve your goal. If you thought staying late after work to finish a sales report was a pain in the backside, just wait until you attend a summer intensive ballet course. It’s the equivalent of Special Forces military training for people that wear leotards.

Wear the right gear

You’ll need the following:

  • Pointe Shoes
  • Ballet Flat Shoes
  • Toe Pads
  • Tights
  • Tutu
  • Tracksuit (Please – no Slazenger or Kappa as these are not befitting of a Renaissance era art form)
  • Crop Top (for the blokes……)


Study the Pro’s

It’s important to learn as much as you can from some of the all-time greats of the ballet world. We suggest you log onto You Tube and find footage of such luminaries as Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, Anna Pavlova (no relation to the delicious raspberry and meringue desert) and Vaslav Njinsky.

Respect Your Teachers

Remember, the world of ballet is far removed from your old job in the rat race. There’s no HR department to run to every time the boss upsets you. You’ll need to show deference and be prepared to get shouted at if you make mistakes (…….and not answer back of course).

Parlez Francais

Most ballet terminology is derived from the French language so you’ll need to know the difference between a Demi-Detourne and a Glissade Precipitee (NB – both of the aforementioned phrases refer to complicated movements that shouldn’t be attempted whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

Classical Music

The reality is that most of the well known ballet performances are performed to classical music, so forget attempting a pirouette to the latest Drake joint. This is high art renaissance style. Are you sure you don’t just want to sign on and look for a new job in account management?


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