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Aerican Football - The W1nners' Club


Not having a job can be one of the most trying times in your life, but the best advice we can give you is to be flexible with the choices you make in terms of resurrecting your career. Whatever the reason was behind your previous employer getting rid of you, there are always new opportunities around the corner if you’re prepared to get inspired. Bearing that in mind, have you ever considered becoming an American Football Player? The pay is reputed to be slightly better than most professions and you’ll get to dress up like a motorcycle rider that’s trying to master 1980’s power dressing.

If chasing muscular blokes around a field with your helmet out is your thing, then becoming an American Football player might be just the career break you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to become successful:

1.    Be between 11 and 12 years old


We understand that most 11 and 12 year olds are unlikely to get sacked from jobs (apart from our publisher Darcus White who was once sacked from a paper round aged 10 for dumping all the newspapers in woods near his home), but the road to the NFL begins for most people in middle school or Junior High. Whilst the age of 11 might seem a little early as there is still a lot of physical development ahead, the stand out talents at that age usually get shoehorned into specialist schools with strong footballing programs.

2.    Carry on in High School


This is where the (not quite, but getting there) men get separated from the boys. NFL prospects usually start to emerge in high school as most boys will have undergone the majority of their growth by this point. Size and talent start to manifest themselves around this age which is why the NFL scouts spend a significant amount of time scouring high schools for the next generation of stars.

3.    Don’t give up in college


Forget freshers week, smoking weed, staying up all night playing Call of Duty and whatever else it is that students do. If you want to become an NFL star you’ll need to be at the top of your game for a good three to four years. Major college football programs will recruit the best football players from high school and the time you spend playing is effectively a show reel for getting recruited into the NFL.

4.    NFL Scouting Combine


This is basically your dress rehearsal before the draft. It’s your last chance to impress the NFL teams and 300 or so of the most promising talents from college will be invited to the annual scouting combine where they are examined for their speed, strength, agility, endurance and touchdown celebrations (obviously the celebration doesn’t matter as much but all the big stars have a decent one don’t they?). A strong performance in the scouting combine can significantly improve the chances of an aspiring ‘baller.

5.    Get drafted and earn squillions doing what you love


Come on – you know you can do it!

Good luck!


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