Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball


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The Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball is the perfect gift for sports lovers in the office that are looking to practice their aim in private! Simply attach the net to the back of the toilet door or wherever’s convenient, secure the ball holder within reach of your loo and slam dunk your way through your time on the throne!
Both the net and the ball holder come with suckers attached, so fixing them to the cubicle walls couldn’t be easier – there aren’t any messy drill holes to worry about and if you want to keep your toilet basketball habit to yourself, you can remove them faster than your imaginary fans can shout “WHAT A DUNK!”

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Sharing is caring!

  • Includes basketball net, 3 balls, a mat, and a ball holder
  • Brilliant for passing time whilst on the loo
  • Great conversation starter
  • Never again will you be bored in the bathroom

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Weight 446 g
Dimensions 26 x 13 x 26 cm


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