Skateboard Mirror


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If vanity is the only real reason why we go to work everyday (which it isn’t – things like food and bills take a clear precedent to such frivolities), then what office would be complete without a skateboard mirror? Whether you work in a plucky little start up or have your own cubicle in a large corporate behemoth – it’s always better to be seen (by yourself) and not heard.

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Sharing is caring!

  • Made from stainless steel and mirrored glass
  • Hang it vertically or horizontally or simply prop it up in the corner of the room
  • Skateboard wheels and trucks
  • Comes with a pack of skate stickers to customise the front.
  • Never skate on the Skateboard Mirror

Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 19 x 13 x 75.5 cm


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