Office Mixtape USB Stick


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Remember the old music mixtapes that you’d give to a person you were trying to get off with in an attempt at expressing your deepest feelings? Why not do the same for a colleague who is leaving the comapny or enjoying their birthday? Get everyone you work with to suggest a song that reminds them of the person you are gifting for and hey presto – you’ve got an office mixtape tailored specially for them. Alternatively, the Mixtape USB Stick is a far funkier way to hold all your important files!

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Sharing is caring!

  • 1GB USB Memory stick.
  • Plugs into your PC or Mac.
  • Add MP3 or any other files to the USB stick.
  • Stores up to 900 minutes of high quality digital music.
  • Perfect for creating your own unique compilation or mix ‘tape’.
  • Write your own title, messages and play list all over the retro gift pack.

Additional information

Weight 78 g
Dimensions 20 x 26.5 x 2 cm


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