Chemistry Terrarium Kit


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Everyone’s favourite piece of the chemistry set, a conical lab flask specially made with a window in the side for creating a terrarium. A great gift for any green fingered budding scientist in your office.

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  • The kit contains all you need to build a desktop mini eco-system.
  • Soil, sand, activated charcoal and pebbles included.
  • Interesting and alternative way to grow plants at your desk.
  • Just add plants.


  1. Cover the base of the terrarium with the pebbles

chemistry terrarium kit directions step 1 - The W1nners' Club

2. Add the charcoal

Chemistry Terrarium Kit Directions Step 2 - The W1nners' Club

3. Add the expanded coir

chemistry terrarium kit step 3 - The W1nners' Club

4. Hollow out a small hole in the coir for the plants and cover

chemistry terrarium kit step 4 - The W1nners' Club

5. Add a light dusting of sand on top

chemistry terrarium kit step 5 - The W1nners' Club




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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 28 x 15 x 15 cm


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