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He knows fuck all about management


Dear Darcus,
I get 25 days annual leave from work every year but I always dread taking them. I’ve tried going away to lots of beautiful places like The Maldives, Cuba, Thailand and Bali, but all I do is sit at the pool bar all day wishing I was back in the office. Do you think I might be a workaholic?


Dear Reader,

I too love being at work so much that I miss it if I spend more than a couple of days away from the office. What I would suggest is that you ask your boss if you can take your annual leave and spend It at work. You might be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts for two weeks, but your colleagues will understand once they find out that you’re actually on holiday. Perhaps you could also send them a postcard telling everyone what a wonderful time your having and end it with the words: ‘Wish you were here!’ Just be careful about telling your colleagues tall tales about how many people you slept with on your holiday when you get back as everyone will know exactly how low a number it actually is and you don’t want to cause yourself any undue embarrassment.

Hope this helps.


Feel free to send us your management mayhem to fix at – we’ll fix it by ignoring your email as that means we can’t exacerbate things any further!


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