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Dear Darcus,
One my regional managers told me over lunch that they have recruited someone onto their team that doesn’t have GCSEs even though they said they did on their CV. Should I instruct them to fire the person in question for dishonesty?


Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, the competitiveness of the job market means that people will from time to time tell the odd porkie on their CV. What’s unforgivable however, is grassing someone up that’s been caught spinning a yarn on a job application. Every company needs people on the team that know how to be economical with the truth and the team leader in question clearly doesn’t have any concept of this. I would personally be extremely worried if I’d employed somebody that didn’t know how to tell a good story that is devoid of any credible facts – how the hell are you supposed to fool the shareholders otherwise? In my opinion you should call your tattle-tale line manager in for a meeting along with the employee whose CV would qualify as a pulitzer prize entry for literary fiction, then fire the line manager and give their job to the lying scoundrel. Nobody likes a grass after all.

Hope this helps


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