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Dear Darcus,

£130 has gone missing from the petty cash tin. Everybody knows who did it because the individual in question has just paid off a bar tab that he’s owed for months. What should I do?


Dear Reader,

It would appear you have a serious problem in your office. Nobody – repeat, nobody should have to spend their working life sat across from the desk of a certified thief. You are correct in assuming that the fact this person has just paid off a bar tab is confirmation that they are less than honest when it comes to other people’s money. Your challenge now is to out the offender by setting up a trap. I suggest you purchase an item for £130 on your expenses and then place the receipt on the light-fingered colleague’s desk when they pop to the toilet. Upon their return, ask them to join you outside for a cigarette (alternatively you can go for a coffee if you don’t smoke) and politely show them the receipt, explaining that you will have no choice but to let senior management know that they stole the money unless they keep stealing from the petty cash tin and split half the profits with you. Be sure to keep hold of the receipt or you won’t be able to claim the money back on expenses and you’ll be £130 out of pocket for no reason!

Hope this helps

Darcus White


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