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Darcus White - The W1nners' Club

He knows fuck all about management


Dear Darcus,
A full scale office brawl has erupted between two staff members. Would it be sensible to break it up, or should I let them slug it out and smash ten piles of crap out of each other?


Dear Reader,

In all honesty you will need to use your managerial experience to make a swift assessment of the situation and act accordingly. It comes down to a matter of safety. If the people involved in the office fisticuffs have the combined weight of a fruit fly on the Atkins diet – you should wade in there and do you best to take control of the situation. If however, the team members at war are a pair of rugby playing gym bunnies with biceps the size of Barnsley, we suggest you hide under the nearest table and exercise your managerial authority from behind a barricade of chairs and coat stands. Like we said – safety first!


Send your staff management problems to us at If things are going badly, we guarantee that by the time we’ve finished dealing with it, you’ll look back and it’ll feel like there was no problem at all when you were trying to sort it out on your own.


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