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Dear Darcus,

Large text font makes me feel ill. I’m okay with messages that get sent to me via text, but if someone sends me a report via email and I open it up at my desktop, if any of the font is larger than size 14, I start to sweat and feel horribly sick all of a sudden. Is there anything I can do in the office to prevent this happening?


Dear Reader,

I too have a major aversion towards the wrong kind of font, but in my case it’s a healthy disdain for either Baskerville old face, Bauhaus 93 or Iskoola Pota fonts. If anybody ever uses any of the aforementioned in a presentation I am reading, I too become violently nauseous and will more than likely have to throw up in the nearest waste paper basket whilst the sender edits their file so I can read it. One way you can avoid this happening is to insist that your team members write out any documents they want to send you on a black chalkboard positioned next to your desk (you will of course have to purchase a black chalkboard on expenses). It may feel like you’re on the set of the 1967 Sidney Poitier film – To Sir with Love, but at least you won’t throw up everytime somebody sends you the latest market share reports to look at – unless the figures are really bad, in which case you’ll have an entirely different problem to deal with.

Hope this helps.

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