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Darcus White - The W1nners' Club

He knows fuck all about management


Dear Darcus,
I earn £320,000 a year before bonuses, I drive a Maserati and have a holiday home in St. Lucia. My kids both attend one of the country’s most prestigious public schools and whilst I’m extremely proud of my success, I’ve always wanted to be a garbage collector. There’s something about being in the outdoors on a cold winter’s morning wearing a donkey jacket and smelling of used nappies that makes me think i could be missing out on life. Should I jack it all in and get myself down to the job centre?


Dear Reader,

We all tend to get a little jaded from time to time no matter what level we are on the corporate ladder. I myself have often considered jacking it all in and going to live in the wilderness with shamanistic indigenous tribes. The problem with indigenous tribes is that they tend not to have Netflix, drink prosecco, play badminton, have flat screen HDTVs, wear Hugo Boss suits, have the latest Prada shoes available in the January sales, go to dinner at Fat Duck, wear Rolex watches, drive Porches, live in West London, holiday on the Amalfi Coast, get their haircut at Vidal Sassoon or wear expensive aftershave – so in the end I didn’t bother.

Hope this helps.

Darcus White


Para sa kabutihan kapakanan, dapat kang maging baliw kung sa tingin mo na magawa naming malutas ang iyong mga problema sa pamamahala. kahit hindi namin maaaring malutas ang aming mga sarili! Gayunpaman, ipadala sa amin ang iyong mga inadequacies sa at susubukan naming hindi tumawa sa iyo.

(Please cut and paste into Google translate to ascertain what the hell the above means……)


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