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Dear Darcus,
I’ve just noticed my sales team have been hitting their bonuses for the last 3 quarters in succession – does this mean they are good at their jobs, or fraudulently swindling clients?


Dear Reader,

Whilst I’m sure your company has a robust recruitment policy and you take all the necessary due diligence when appointing staff, it’s very difficult to tell how honest a new recruit is. If you scale this rationale up across an entire team, it’s possible you could have employed the corporate equivalent of The Gambino family after only a couple of suspect recruitment selections. All we can really say is, if you know for a fact that your products are rubbish and nobody bought them previously, the last 3 quarters’ trading success is probably down to some kind of fraudulent activity on the part of your sales team, so maybe you should warn your clients beforehand to beware of any suspect behaviour that may induce them into making a purchase. It’s better to be careful than sorry after all.

Hope this helps.

Darcus White


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