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Dear Darcus,

I keep confusing Austria with Australia. I work for an international courier company and unforutantely whenever we get parcels that need to be dispatched to Austria they inadvertently end up in Australia and vice versa. Do you think this problem will have a long lasting detrimental effect on the business?


Dear Reader,

I too have a similar problem to you in that I keep confusing Bolivia with Botswana. This isn’t generally too much of a problem apart from the fact that I telephoned the Botswana embassy the other day (or so I thought) and asked if we could have an example of their country’s largest export sent across to us and a few days later I received several grammes of cocaine in the post. What I would suggest is that you try to use images of famous people from the country in question to try to remember which nation is which when you’re organising your international shipments. For example, I suggest you put a picture of Crocodile Dundee on every packet you receive at the depot that is bound for Australia and for packages destined for Austria you can use a picture of Josef Fritzl.

Hope this helps.


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