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Dear Darcus,
I think that one of the company directors might have a crush on me. Whenever I hold the door open for her she always says thank you and if I’m in the lift with her at the same time and ask her which floor she wants, she always tells me. Do you think I should tell her that I feel the same way about her as she does me?


Dear Reader,

If you are infatuated with someone it can sometimes be easy to misread the signs that they feel the same way about you, but in this case I think you could definitely be well in there. In my experience, if a girl is prepared to tell you which floor she works on it means she isn’t frightened of you and that’s half the battle when it comes to becoming her boyfriend. All you have to work on is the bit where she says, “I’ve got feelings for you too,” but in my experience that’s where it can get a bit tricky. Try finding out where her desk is on the floor she works on, then the next time you get in the lift together, you can automatically press the button for her floor before impressing her with the fact that you know exactly which desk is hers even though you’ve never actually spoken before.

Hope this helps.

Darcus White


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