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Dear Darcus,
A staff member recently had a boob job and subsequently appeared on a pornographic calendar that is currently being passed around the office quicker than a mini Ebola pandemic. What is the best way to respond?


Dear reader,

Unfortunately in working life, we sometimes make mistakes. When that fresh faced, enthusiastic young lady came in for an interview, the last thing you could forsee was that she would end up as Miss July on the 2016 free calendar in Hot and Horny Magazine. Whilst having an innocent looking, young and nubile twenty-something that likes to get her kit off for all the world to see on the team is not inherently a problem, you should take note of the lack of foresight you showed at her interview and make sure she is immediately made aware that you authorise the annual pay rises, unofficial half day holidays and dirty weekends away in Brighton. Quid pro quo – that is all.

Hope this helps.

Darcus White


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