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Darcus White - The W1nners' Club

He knows fuck all about management


Dear Darcus,

I am addicted to wearing women’s underwear at work everyday. Even though I’m a 55 year old, male regional sales manager, I just feel that women’s clothes in general are more suited to who I really am rather than the crudely designed male apparel that’s available on the high streets these days. The way the lace from a pair of knickers cups my nether regions so delicately, it makes me feel like i’m constnatly being caressed by my mail order wife that I haven’t yet ordered online. Do you think this makes me a bit strange?


Dear Reader,

There’s absolutely nothing strange about wearing women’s underwear – I mean, women do it all the time for a start. In the age of sexual equality, it’s more than okay for a man to walk around in a pair of suspenders underneath his business suit. All I would suggest is that you come to work in flat shoes as I once had a bet with a female member of staff here at The W1nners’ Club that I could handle walking around all day in high heels and unfortunately it was the same day that I had an important meeting with the bank manager. You can imagine how difficult it was to convince her that we are a strong and stable company when I kept stumbling about the office in high heels and even managed to fall over when she asked me to clarify what our last quarter earnings were.

Hope this helps

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