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Dear Darcus,
A new starter I have just hired was supposed to start work on Monday morning at 10am. The new employee unfortunately didn’t turn up and when we finally got hold of her later that day she said she forgot she had a new job. I decided to give her a second chance and the following day she didn’t show up either but phoned in at 12 to apologise and asked if she could have Wednesday off because it’s her sister’s birthday and she, ‘wants to get absolutely smashed with her to celebrate.’ Do you think I may have made a mistake in recruiting this person?


Dear Reader,

It’s not often I like to get involved in recruiting decisions as it’s hard to make a proper assessment of your situation from afar. The thing you need to consider is what criteria you initially applied when deciding to give this individual a job. It’s hard from where i’m standing to see how you could have got things so wrong. There must have been some tell tale signs that this employee had serious character flaws and you not spotting them in the interview means that your entire company is probably full of people that shouldn’t be employed in jobs that require any more responsibility than flipping burgers or asking if the customers wants fries with their order. The only way I see you preventing this situation happening again is if you’re removed from a position of authority and are kept as far away from any sort of decision making process as possible. You may be the Managing Director, but in my opinion you’ve done enough damage already.

Hope this helps,

Darcus White


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