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scared office worker - The W1nners' Club

Let’s be honest – working in an office can be pretty stressful at times. There are presentations to do in front of colleagues, clients and superiors. There are targets to be met, reports to be done and co-workers’ banter to ignore.

The success of your career going forward will depend on how well you’re able to navigate the minefield that is office politics, and only the toughest ones among you will get to park their car in the spaces closest to the main entrance one day.

We have therefore conducted a short test to help you ascertain whether got what it takes to claim a seat at the boardroom table.

It won’t be easy, and people of a nervous disposition should look away now, but if you honestly believe that you possess the minerals to decide who should be made redundant so that the shareholders receive a decent dividend next year, why not take our short psychometric test to work out if you’re a workplace wimp, or a boardroom bully?

Good luck!


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