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mario super smash bros - The W1nners' Club


It feels great doesn’t it? The knowledge that all of this will be over in a few weeks now that you’ve handed in your notice.

The biggest problem you have to overcome now, is what to do with all the spare time you have during work hours until your glorious last day.

Only a fool would spend their time doing any work so you’ll need to come up with an alternative way to pass the time as you travel the long road to freedom.

We came across a particularly enterprising soul recently who decided he would spend his last week on the job turning a picture of his company’s CEO into different characters from the online game Super Smash Bros using nothing more than MS paint.

Whilst his artistic effort is to be much applauded, we couldn’t help wondering if he received a leaving present from the company once they realised what he’d been up to.

Have a look at the slideshow below and enjoy the fine work of a grand master in the making:

(Picture Source: Imgur)


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