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Angry Customer - The W1nners' Club


I work for a university police service as a security officer. My uniform consists of a white shirt with grey slacks and a blue striped tie. I also carry standard effects like a badge, a radio, handcuffs and a flash light, etc.

On this particular occasion I wasn’t working so I placed my badge in my pocket. I rolled into a grocery store where the employees wear brown slacks and green polos, and started putting together a dinner for the evening (it was spicy tacos!).

Whilst I’m doing my thing, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a woman in her mid-40’s who says to me, “where are the pretzel buns?”  After a second of wondering how on earth she mistook me for an employee, I pointed in the general direction of the breads and told her she should head that way to find what she was looking for. Noticeably dissatisfied with that answer, she then says “do your job and come find them for me.”

At that point the situation changed from being a simple misunderstanding to the lady developing an annoying sense of entitlement about her. I told her I wasn’t going to help and when she asked why I responded with the truth: “well, I have no obligation to help you because I’m not an employee here and I choose not to help you because I don’t feel like it.”

Apparently that was an unsatisfactory response and my, “lack of initiative,” was something my manager was going to hear about. Had she left to try to find a manager, I’d have probably just ignored her. But that’s not what happened. In her mind I was obviously lying so she doubled down and started yelling at me and tried to get other customers involved.

“Look! This piece of sh*t employee won’t help me!” she screamed.

Other customers in the store started to get concerned by this woman’s attitude, so I made the decision to end the discussion as quickly as possible. I pulled out my badge and said “Ma’am, this is your only warning. I’m an officer with police. Back off now!”

The woman stopped for a moment, mutters something indecipherable and then walks away still steaming from the ears.

Less than five minutes later, guess who shows up with what looks like the oldest employee she could find? (The old guy HAS to be the manager right?).

She moans loudly, “Your employee is pretending to be a police officer!”

The old guy is a cashier who recognizes me from previous late night visits and greets me with a, “what the f*ck?” look on his face. He turns to the woman and says “he’s definitely not an employee and I’m pretty sure he IS a cop!”.

She just wasn’t having it.

“Fine!” she grunts. “I don’t care. Don’t help me,” before turning to the cashier and screaming, “ALL I WANNA KNOW IS WHERE ARE YOUR F*CKING PRETZEL BUNS!”

The cashier then looks at her and delivers the best line I’d heard all night.

“Ma’am, we don’t sell those,” he said.

(Story by: RRuruurrr Source: Redditt)


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