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office wall decorated in marvel characters using post it notes - The W1nners' club

If it’s true that there is a genuine relationship between productivity and working environment, then maybe it’s time your office got rid of its blank and boring wall paint and injected some life into the place. What better way is there to achieve this than by decorating the walls of your office with pictures of comic book characters using nothing more than a serious amount of teamwork and a shedload of post-it notes?

Serves: Everyone that sees it.

Preparation time: 1 hour.

Cooking Time: However long it takes to get all the post-it notes stuck onto the wall in the correct order with minimal falling out between team members.

Budget:  £250

You will need:

1x blank and boring office wall.

1x very, very, very understanding boss.

A handful of co-workers that don’t think you’re mad – yet!

9000 post-it notes (assorted colours)


  1. Choose the appropriate boring wall in your workplace that your boss will allow you to decorate. Please ensure you ask for permission before you commence as covering the office wall with 9,000 post-it notes might be seen as rather odd behaviour if you haven’t received authorisation first.

blank office wall - The W1nners' Club

2. Choose the Marvel characters you would like to have on the walls of the office. The number of characters you can fit on the wall will obviously depend on how big the wall is but you can calculate how many you’ll need by measuring the wall and factoring in that each character will be approximately 35 post-it notes wide. If you don’t have your own designs you can select from the ones we have supplied below:


3. Calculate the total number of post-its you’ll need of each colour (which will be a complete pain), and then figure out how many of each colour pack you’ll need to order (which will be even more of a pain). Bear in mind that some post-its only come in assortment packs with other colours, so it’ll be best if you decide some of the background colours based on the most efficient use of the budget.

post-it notes - The W1nners' Club

4. Line the top row of every character panel, then use those to measure 2 foot (8 post-its) vertical grids that span the whole wall. Then tape them out to keep the grid as straight as possible.

decorating an office wall - The W1nners' Club

5. Try to get as many people in the office to help you as possible and call in extra help from outside if required.

help decorate the office - The W1nners' club

6. Repeat the process for as many of the designs as your office wall requires.

decorating office wall with spiderman - The W1nners' Club

7. Et voila! Your formally drab looking office now resembles the inside of a comic book. There’s no excuse for not performing every day now is there?

wall decorated with post it notes using marvel character designs - The W1nners' Club

(Picture Source: Imgur)


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