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The perfect cup of coffee is a bit like the perfect woman or the perfect man. We all have a very unique take on what perfection actually is. Just like choosing a partner, if you decide to openly share your ideas about what perfection is with your colleagues, you’ll more than likely face a whole barrage of disagreement alongside a decent amount of teasing in response.

We came across one such poor soul named Todd who thought he’d do the decent thing and suggest to his fellow coffee drinkers in the office what the perfect formula is for a decent mug of coffee.

Todd inadvertently kicked off a tsunami of debate via post-it note as the office trolls responded to his suggestion on the company message board.

Have a look at the drama as it unfolds and ask yourself if Todd was just a decent guy doing his bit for the caffeination of his colleagues in a world that just doesn’t understand how important a decent cup of coffee actually is…….

1.    Todd – An average coffee drinker just trying to do the right thing…


cofee suggestion - The W1nners Club

The world needs people like Todd. People who take it upon themselves to promote the advancement of the species by coming up with simple innovations that help humanity evolve. In our opinion Todd is a sort of Tim Berners-Lee (the guy that invented the internet) for offices everywhere.

2.    Enter the office trolls…


office trolls - The W1nners' Club

When Christopher Columbus first floated the idea that the world was round, people thought he was insane and ridiculed him. Thomas Edison also found himself on the receiving end of much mirth when he first pitched his ideas about sound recording to the world. Alas Todd, like all great innovators, also fell foul of philistines that simply couldn’t see the genius behind his vision.

3.    When the good speak out…


showing support for a coworker - The W1nners' Club

It is during times of great hardship that you find out who your real friends are. Todd was having it rough, but there were still smatterings of support for him in what had become a lonely and desolate place on the office message board. Todd was able to regroup as a Good Samaritan came to the rescue.

4.    ……….and then get quickly silenced by the bad!


office auction - The W1nners' Club

Poor Todd! It would appear that his knight in shining armour was more of a harmless unarmed peasant. The trolls were back and this time adapting their methods to include some mock-auctioneering for added effect.

5.    Some conflicts require a peace envoy….


letter of support - The W1nners' Club

It sometimes requires somebody to look at a conflict from a neutral perspective to bring a degree of clarity as to how it can be resolved. The coffee may indeed taste like ditch water, but those who don’t want to drink the strong stuff should be given the choice to avoid any undue suffering – surely?

6.    Sometimes even your enemies can be your closest friends


tea drinkers - The W1nners' Club

Todd had always believed he needed to win the hearts and minds of coffee drinkers in his office to achieve the recognition he deserves, but it turns out he was pitching to the wrong audience. His unlikely allies, the tea drinkers stepped forward to voice their support for the whole charade – albeit for rather selfish reasons perhaps…….?

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