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tiny coffee - The W1nners' Club


Making a cup of coffee for your colleagues is as much a part of work life etiquette as ringing in sick on a Monday morning because you’ve overdone it at the weekend or having a stand up row with somebody that works in accounts. As society recognises the need for greater diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, the plight of people that are only a few centimetres tall remains something that is largely ignored by the mainstream.

Being the progressive types that we are here at The W1nners’ Club, we have decided to show you how to make a cup of coffee for a colleague if you happen to work with somebody that is from Lilliput or perhaps they may have had a starring role in either The Borrowers or Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Feel free to use it and become the least miniaturist staff member on your team:

1. Grind a single coffee bean using some emery board


grinding coffee bean - The W1nners' Club


2.    Pour the resultant coffee grains into a tiny filter coffee cone


pouring coffee grains - The W1nners' Club


3. Boil some water over a tea light candle


boiling water over tea light - The W1nners' club


4. Pour the thimble full of boiling water into the filter paper cone


pouring water - The W1nners' Club


5.    Pour into a mug and give it to your tiny colleague


tiny mug - The W1nners' club

(Picture Source: Imgur)



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