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Candy Crush - The W1nners' Club

Video games weren’t always the hi-tech, super-immersive entertainment form they are today. Back when The W1nners’ Club was nothing more than a twinkle in its father’s eye, people had to connect bulky wooden games consoles to their black and white television sets just to be able to indulge in any form of interactive entertainment. As time developed, you then had such technical innovations as cassette tapes, that took the best part of a week to load and sounded like a Dalek being castrated without any anaesthetic.

Nowadays, time can be passed on the daily commute playing the latest incarnation of Candy Crush or Angry Birds on a mobile, so we thought we’d pay homage to the commuters of yore, who never had it anything like as easy you lot have it today. Back then you either had to find a way to take a television onto the tube with you, or you simply tried to play i-spy even though your journey was on the northern line and mainly underground.

Here’s the first of our two part history of how it became possible to play Candy Crush on the daily commute.


(You can check out part two of the feature by clicking here)


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