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Scalextric - The W1nners' Club

Most people these days work in one of two types of offices. Firstly, there’s the office where the boss is present. These tend to be drab and boring places that involve only the occasional exchange of banter between colleagues before somebody inevitably hears you having fun and decides to put a stop to such frivolities at once.

There’s also another type of office however, that certain lucky individuals are fortunate enough to work in from time to time. It’s a place that’s filled with laughter and joy as people ping rubber bands at each other and generally get paid to goof around instead of actually doing any work because the boss has popped out for the afternoon.

The next time you find yourself in the second scenario, remember that it’s a gift from providence and should therefore be treated as such. Your main responsibility is to down tools and ensure that you and your colleagues have as much fun as possible because the boss might not have another ‘external meeting’ for a long time to come.

Here’s how to build yourselves an office Scalextric track so that you and your workmates can spend the afternoon as it should always be spent at work – having fun!

1.    Design your track

Scalextric track - The W1nners' Club

Whether you’re inspired by the long straights and tight chicanes of Monza, the old school charm of Silverstone, or the splendour of Circuit de Monaco, your office race track will need to be planned out meticulously beforehand to ensure you put the drivers through their paces when the races begin.

2.    Get one of your colleagues to purchase a couple of Scalextric sets with their company credit card

office scalextric - The W1nners' Club

Not as easy as it sounds as you’ll have to come up with a reason why two Scalextric sets are required for the company if you’re going to claim the money back. Nevertheless, the pursuit of fun can spark inspiration in even the most drab of minds, so once you’ve decided who will pull the short straw and take one for the team expenses-wise, assemble your kit in a space on the floor that isn’t occupied.

3.    Politely ask your colleagues if they’d be so kind as to let you use their desk space

office Scalextric - The W1nners' Club

Ideally you will have signed this off before you developed the initial track blueprints, but if not, you’ll need to negotiate with your co-workers to get them to allow you to use their desk space. If you don’t manage to onboard anyone you’ll have to either (a) run a track over their desk anyway without asking, or (b) have a very small track. We suggest option (a) if things get desperate!

4.    Make sure you include lots of long straights

Office Scalextric - The W1nners' Club

This will ensure you get to experience the speed and acceleration of a Scalextric car going at full pelt……

5. ……….and of course some bends and chicanes

Office Scalextric - The W1nners' Club

No racing driver worth his or her salt would consider driving on a course that didn’t test their skills to the fullest. Whilst putting the pedal to the metal or rather, finger on button is great for speed, you’ll also need to show that you can handle tight corners if you want to stand on the podium (a spare office chair might have to do). Maybe consider adding a bit of scenery as well using coasters and desk organisers perhaps?

6.    Lastly there’s the jumps……

Office Scalextric - The W1nners' Club

Because you can, so why not? Let us know how your office Scalextric Grand Prix goes – no doubt your boss will wish they had stayed in the office to join in all the fun!

(Picture Source: Imgur)


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