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Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

For those of you out there that work in an art gallery, your world is a constant interaction with bold and bright colours across the average working day. Whilst this is not surprising given the fact that you display fine art pieces for a living, when gallery attendees turn up that look almost identical to the pictures they are viewing, the effect can be more than a little amusing. It’s as if fate has conspired to place people’s wardrobes with the painting they are viewing and it’s a damn shame someone isn’t stood there with an easel painting the serendipitous scene that results.

Fear not however, because we have stumbled across these awesome images of people in art galleries that are so sartorially in tune with the paintings they have come to see, they could just as easily have been part of the original picture themselves:

1.    Woman wearing headphones

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

The tilted position of the woman’s head in this painting suggests that she may be waiting for someone whilst listening to music by either The Clash or Bruce Springsteen. Her hunched shoulders and top from H&M is a comment on the pressures of modern living, where high street fashion takes precedence over going to an art gallery and wearing something more suitable for a lady of her age.


2. The Gratuitous Nature of Grey Tights

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

This painting was thought to be lost for many years before turning up at a jumble sale in East Grinstead. The grey tights worn by the person in the foreground were originally considered to be blasphemous by the early grand masters because, let’s be honest – nobody that is over 5 years of age would ever wear grey tights in public, let alone at an art gallery!


3. A Different Kind of Blue

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

The artist of this painting had a bet with friends to see how many different shades of blue she could fit in a single picture after getting drunk on absynthe. The free hanging nature of the lady’s dress invokes a mood that suggests it may have been collected from the dry cleaners on the very morning that the picture was painted.


4.    This would look great on my living room wall

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

The movement suggested by the lady’s legs in this painting invoke the impression that she is wondering how much it would cost to get this picture mounted on her living room wall. The rolled up sleeve on her left arm is a homage to the fact that she could be on her lunch break from work and needs to hurry up or she won’t get back to the office in time.


5.    Us and Them

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

Us and Them is a signature piece from the private collection of one Major General Van Der Merwe – a former member of a South African Counter Insurgency Police Unit. The silver anorak and gore-tex jacket worn by the couple in the foreground alludes to the idea that it may have been raining outside on the day the painting was created.

6. Pigtails and picture frames

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

Is the girl staring at the picture or is the picture staring at the girl? The near identical pattern of the young lady’s pigtails with the pattern of the picture frame suggest that she might consider doing a degree in art history when she goes to university rather than a hairdressing apprenticeship.

7.    Half the Golden Crown

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

The sorrowful expression of the king suggests an element of disapproval at people who don’t get their hair re-bleached after more than a few weeks. The way the blonde highlights droop on the lady’s shoulders in the foreground suggest she might be imagining ways to steal the crown jewels to pay for another peroxide treatment.

8.    Carpet Diem

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

Carpet Diem is the first painting in a series of three that depict a young woman’s quest to find out the definitive way to get red wine stains out of a carpet when you’ve had the girls round for the evening. Her posture suggests that she has tried throwing white wine onto it and is now confused as to why she allowed a decent bit of plonk to get wasted so needlessly.

9. Mocking the Tudors

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

This painting apparently earned its name because the artist wasn’t sure if the men in the painting within the painting were Tudors or Pilgrims – either way it doesn’t matter because the girl’s hat wasn’t worn by either.

10.    Time to Jacket In

Art Gallery - The W1nners' Club

If one looks closely enough, the golden sun containing Jesus appears to sit on top of the bald bloke’s head like a halo. Whilst this doesn’t suggest that he is a deity himself as he also appears to be holding a betting slip, it does give credence to the idea that baldness may be a punishment for sins committed in a previous life.

(Picture Source: Imgur)


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