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angry boss- The W1nners' Club


It’s hard being a manager isn’t it? Why can’t people just do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it? If they did there’d be no need for you to lose your temper would there?

Unfortunately however, staff rarely do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it so your job as a result is ten times harder because you actually have to manage rather than spend all day playing Minecraft or watching You Tube videos.

For those that need a helping hand when it comes to speaking to staff in a way that doesn’t suggest you would quite happily push them in front of an oncoming car if given the opportunity, we have put together some examples of alternative phrases that can be used to get your point across.

Sometimes it really is better to turn the other cheek instead of getting sued for workplace bullying – trust us, we know this from first hand experience:


  1.  iinsight - The W1nners' Club
  2.   Expectations - The W1nners' Club
  3.   Attention - The W1nners' Club
  4.   Direction - The W1nners' Club
  5.   Something - The W1nners' Club
  6.   Best Work - The W1nners' Club
  7.   Derek - The W1nners' club
  8.   Instructions - The W1nners' Club
  9.   Mind - The W1nners' Club
  10.   hands - The W1nners' Club(Picture Source: Imgur)


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