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abandoned offices - The W1nners' Club

Have a look around your office on any given day and you’ll see a bustling place that is full of people between the hours of 9am and 6pm. As with everything else in life however, even offices have an upper limit to how long they are put to good use. The W1nners’ Club urban exploration team has been hanging around demolition sites and trespassing in restricted areas recently to give you an idea of what your office might look like when it finally gets reclaimed by the passage of time.

Try not to get too spooked by the creepiness of it all…….


1.    Just not my type (writer)

abandoned electric typewriter - The W1nners' Club

…………mainly because the last time anybody used one of these was probably around the same time that language was invented. Spare a thought for the office workers of yore. Word processing was neither micro nor soft back in the days of the electric typewriter.


2. The hurt lockers

abandoned lockers - The W1nners' Club

Rust accumulation is a great way to tell if something has been standing around unused for a long time. We’re just not sure if the locker with the bent door has buckled over the passing years or if the buckling was the result of a workplace tantrum when they were used on a regular basis?


3.    The shadow cabinet

abandoned filing cabinet - The W1nners' Club

They say the only things that can survive in a nuclear war are cockroaches and filing cabinets. This office may now be a shadow of its former self, but the filing cabinet certainly isn’t.


4.    Wax on wax off

abandoned floor polisher - The W1nners' Club

This floor polisher has certainly seen better days. How many janitors or building services operatives have had the chance to buff floors with it over the years we wonder?


5.    The boss’s office

abandoned boss's office - The W1nners' Club

The state of this office suggests that it may have become dilapidated over the passage of time, but the presence of the TV remote control may be a clue to the contrary. Could it be that this office was only recently in use but ended up in such a state as a result of a meeting with a customer or supplier that ended up in fisticuffs?


6.    These days it’s the walls that need filling…

abandoned dentist's office - The W1nners' Club

This old dentist’s surgery gets the gold plated crown for its level of creepiness. Even though the last patient must have been examined here years ago, we’re not sure that anybody will be back for a check up any time soon.


7.    Computer graveyard

computer graveyard - The W1nners' club

Commodore Amigas, Vic 20s, Acorn Electrons? It’s hard to tell what make of computers are languishing in PC purgatory in this image, but it’s safe to say they’ve probably come into contact with the odd mouse since they were last used.


8. Stairway to corporate heaven

abandoned staircase - The W1nners' Club

This staircase looks just like something you’d dream about. We wonder what you’d find at the top of should you dare to climb them. A glass ceiling perhaps?


9.    Norwegian wood

abandoned wood panelled office - The W1nners' Club

Looking like something straight out of an old school detective novel, these birds must have flown a long, long time ago…….


10. The corridor of power

abandoned office corridor - The W1nners' Club

How long since these walls have witnessed executive power play and office politics we wonder?





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