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bored office worker - The W1nners' Club

Even the busiest of offices has quieter periods where staff have the opportunity to stop doing their work to engage in idle banter. In some offices these periods can make up a significant part of the day so it’s important to know how to fill the time in between the moments where the boss is wandering about looking for somebody to fire.

We have put together a list of really dodgy party tricks you can use to impress your colleagues during the lulls in activity. Whilst we can’t guarantee that anybody will start to fancy you as a result of performing these tricks, you’ll certainly capture the attention of your co-workers for a change – even if it only means that everybody laughs at you rather than with you for a few minutes over lunch.

1.    The floating cup

floating cup party trick - The W1nners' Club

Definitely an oldie rather than a goldie, your colleagues will be wowed by your apparent ability to defy gravity via telekinesis. Just make sure you have prior permission from whoever’s cup it is that you have put a hole in or it might be you that ends up getting tossed through the air!

2.    The fork (h)and knife

magnetic fork party trick - The W1nners' club

A man sits in a restaurant in Dublin and can’t see any cutlery on his table so yells at the waiter: “Waiter! Waiter! Where’s my Fork ‘n knife?” To which the waiter replies: “Right next to your f*cking plate!” Whilst this is by no means the best joke in the world, this trick isn’t any better either. Despite that fact, appearing to be able to get a fork to stick to your hand as if you’re a magnet is something that only a small proportion of the population can actually do – mainly because most people care what other people think of them!

3.    Un oeuf on my plate

egg shell party trick - The W1nners' Club

To be honest with you, we’re not actually even sure if this is a trick of any kind, mainly because running an eggshell across a wet plate is something that can be achieved every morning when you wash the dishes after breakfast. Nevertheless, we can pretty much guarantee that there are people in your office who either (a) don’t eat breakfast, or (b) never wash the dishes!

4.    The bird in hand

bird in hand party trick - The W1nners' Club

The bird in hand is a trick that is guaranteed to get your colleagues chirping about how much fun you are. Just be mindful of people that are sensitive about seeing pretend animals being squashed to death as it may be considered poor taste. (NB – If you perform the trick during your lunch hour, the ketchup can be used as a condiment to accompany your lunchtime meal).

5.    Raising the dead

Raising the dead party trick - Tne W1nners' Club

If you really want to spook your co-workers out, this less-than-convincing take on an old stage magic classic should at least give them the giggles if not the willies. You’ll need help from someone that’s willing to be the ‘corpse,’ however, if your office is anything like ours here at The W1nners’ Club, trying to raise the dead is something management attempts to do on a daily basis anyway.

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