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Thich Quang Duc (1963) - The W1nners' Club

How much will history remember your activities in the workplace? Will you effect change in humanity with your actions or will the most you offer posterity be an embarrassing selfie taken at the office Christmas party by your arch workplace rival who is trying to get you fired?

Whatever history remembers you for in your professional life, take a couple of minutes out from your era-defining schedule and observe these interesting images of people in their workplace who played their small part in the shaping of history.

You might have a lot on at work this week, but perhaps you could be doing a whole lot more?


Russian spy laughing through his execution in Finland, 1942 - The W1nners' Club

A Russian spy laughs just as he is about to be executed in Finland, 1942. Proof of how valuable a cheerful demeanour in stressful situations can be – whatever the job you do!


German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, 1945 - The W1nners' Club

German soldiers react to seeing footage of concentration camps in 1945.


Mark Twain inside the laboratory of Nikola Tesla (1894) - The W1nners' Club

Mark Twain visits the laboratory of Nikola Tesla – that’s three bright sparks we count in the photo btw!


Soviet soldiers take a break to watch an acrobatic show on the march towards Berlin (1945) - The W1nners' Club

Soviet soldiers stop to enjoy an acrobatic performance on the march towards Berlin – clearly the Red Army took an innovative approach towards employee engagement!


Bombs dropped on Kobe, Japan (1945) - The W1nners' Club

Bombs being dropped onto Kobe, Japan in 1945.


Samurai (ca. 1860-1880) - The W1nners' Club

A Samurai dressed in his work uniform – circa 1860-1880. We wonder if he had to pay for it himself or if it was provided free by his employer?


Opening of King Tut's sarcophagus (1924) - The W1nners' Club

The opening of King Tut’s Sarcophagus in 1924 – a time when cursing in the workplace was less frowned upon!


Disney brothers with their wives and mother on the day they opened their studio in 1923 - The W1nners' Club

The Disney brothers accompanied by their wives and mother the day they opened their studio for the first time in 1923 – and to think that some people thought their business would be nothing more than a Mickey Mouse operation!


Lt. Custer and Union Troops (1862) - The W1nners' Club

Lt. Custer and some Union troops in 1862 enjoying their first sit down of the day before taking their last stand.


Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923 - The W1nners' Club

The testing of a bullet-proof vest in Washington D.C. – September, 1923. Presumably the man on the left was late in to work on that particular morning?


Armstrong post-moonwalk - The W1nners' Club

Neil Armstrong just after his moonwalk in 1969 – a good altitude in the workplace can move your career on in leaps and bounds!


RAF pilot gets a haircut in between missions (1942) - The W1nners' Club

An RAF pilot takes time out between missions in 1942 to get a haircut – because there’s nothing worse than being in a dogfight with someone that’s more smartly turned out than you.


SAS detachment (Jan. 19th, 1943) - The W1nners' Club

The first ever detachment of SAS troops in the Sahara Desert – January, 1943 – by all accounts the interview process for this job was pretty gruelling.


Kings in Windsor Castle (May 20th, 1910) - The W1nners' Club

9 Kings of leading world powers gathered together at Windsor Castle in 1910 – the regal equivalent of a professional trade conference.


Douglas MacArthur signs formal surrender of Japan (1945) - The W1nners' Club

General Douglas MacArthur signs the formal surrender of Japan in 1945 – the closest you can get to a dismissal for gross misconduct at state level.


Ruby Bridges, first african-american to attend a white elementary school in the South (Nov. 14th, 1960) - The W1nners' Club

US Marshalls accompany Ruby Bridges to school. She was the first African-American to attend a White elementary school in the south on November 14th 1960.


JFK and LBJ during the Cuban Missle Crisis (1962) - The W1nners' Club

JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Very few S.W.O.T. analyses have ever been quite as important as this one.


Crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York harbor after V-Day, 1945 - The W1nners' Club

A crowded ship bringing American troops home to New York Harbour after V-Day in 1945 – and to think you thought that your journey home after work could get a bit cramped at times!

(Picture Source: Imgur)



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