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Barack Obama - The W1nners' Club

How was your 2017? Did you get that promotion or pay rise you were after? Did you finally get around to eating more healthily, drinking less and spending more time with the people that matter? Did you get a Pug or a French Bulldog? Did you finally take up piano lessons? Did you go to see your favourite football team play more away games now that they are in the premier league and did you finally learn how to change your desktop wallpaper on Windows 10? Did you spend less time on social media and learn how to create a skill on the Amazon Echo? Did you get to your desired weight so that you can buy the perfect wedding dress and did you pay a shed load of money to weightwatchers for the privilege?

Now that 2018 is well underway, we thought we’d take the time to reflect on the previous twelve months, so we put together some of the most powerful images we could find of people in the workplace from the previous year.

As you travel along the glorious road that is 2018, take the time to reflect on what you can do in your own little way to make life that little bit better for you and your colleagues!



Queen Elizabeth - The W1nners' Club

Apart from being the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is also Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua, Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis – alongside also remaining Head of the commonwealth. With such a busy schedule, old Queenie still managed to do her bit when it came to visiting the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack last year.


Marissa Papaconstantinou - The W1nners' Club

Marissa Papaconstantinou from Canada participated in the IAAF World Para-athletics Championships Women’s 200m T44 final in London. She fell down during the race, but still managed to make her way to the finish line. A message to us all that we shouldn’t give up on our workplace goals over the coming year!


Trump Inauguration - The W1nners' Club

2017 was the year that saw Donald Trump become US President after a hard fought election against his old foe Hilary Clinton. Here he is at the inauguration ceremony looking as well turned out as anybody would be on their first day in a new job.


Obama and Trudeau - The W1nners' Club

Former US President Barack Obama and Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau decided to get together for lunch at a restaurant last year for a good old chin wag. All we can say is that we hope Mr. Trudeau paid for the meal because Mr. Obama is still looking for full time work at the moment as far as we know!


Kim Jong Un - The W1nners' Club

Whilst on the subject of Presidential past times, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un decided to spend his 2017 workplace expense budget on some new military hardware to help him further develop important relationships with other world leaders.


Weed Nuns - The W1nners' Club

There’s not that many jobs out there that include smoking weed as one of the key functions of the role, but if you are looking to for an interesting change of career – why not consider becoming a weed nun? The Sisters of the Valley grow and harvest their own cannabis plants for the purpose of healing and empowering women with their cannabis products and here they are hard at work last year……


Afghan Police - The W1nners' Club

Think you’re a bit over worked and underpaid in the office at times do you? Take note of these Afghan policemen who had to try to rescue a young child last year whilst under attack from insurgents at a Shi’ite Muslim mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Pope Francis - The W1nners' Club

If you ever feel that getting along with your co-workers is a bit too much to bear at times, then why not take a leaf out of Pope Francis’s book when he washed the feet of inmates at Rome’s Paliano maximum security prison on Holy Thursday last year.


US Travel ban - The W1nners' Club

A US airport security official looks on as a group of Muslim passengers pray in the baggage claim area during the travel ban imposed in 2017.


Shane Kimbrough - The W1nners' Club

Does it ever feel like the journey home after work can be a bit tiring? Spare a thought for NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough who landed in a remote area of Kazakhstan in the Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft along with two Russian cosmonauts Andrey Borisenko and Sergey Ryzhikov. Kimbrough is being carried into a medical tent just minutes after he landed in this photo and probably feels as perky as you do after standing up for half an hour on a packed train home.

(Picture Source: Imgur)


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