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emojis - The W1nners' Club

Just because you work in an office, it doesn’t actually mean that everybody you work with should be working in an office. In fact, it’s fair to say that some of your colleagues more than likely should never have been employed – by anyone! EVER!

Unfortunately, the usual vetting procedures that are employed to ensure that staff who get recruited have a mental age of +5 years old are not always fool proof.  Occasionally, the odd individual will slip through the net that either (a) never went to school, (b) never listened at school, or (c) spent the majority of their formative years living underground in a hermetically sealed bunker away from any and all potential sources of learning that may have provided the chance to acquire a bit of common sense.

Here at The W1nners’ Club, we too have somehow been duped by such individuals on numerous occasions, but unfortunately their true nature was not revealed until they opened their mouths and said something so mind-bendingly stupid, we genuinely believed there must have been satirical undertones to their stupidity (and usually after they’ve been with us for at least a year).

Here are some of the daftest things we’ve heard uttered in the W1nners’ Club offices recently – it’s enough to make a single cell organism feel like an honorary member of MENSA:

1. Polonium - The W1nners' Club

2. knit me a brain - The W1nners' Club


3. Candle - The W1nners' Club


4. Dog - The W1nners' Club


5. Sloth - The W1nners' Club

6. Banana - The W1nners' Club


7. glitter - The W1nners' Club


8. gluten - The W1nners' Club


9. dark - The W1nners' Club


10. sword - The W1nners' Club

(Picture source: Imgur)

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