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office murder scene - The W1nners' Club

The 9-5 can be challenging not least because you are generally required to behave yourself at work all day, every day. This is a feat that most people fail to achieve at nursery school, infant school, junior school, high school, college or university – so why start now just because you have a job? In acknowledgement of this fact, we have put together some of the greatest workplace pranks that we’ve ever come across. Our only regret is that we didn’t think of them first.


1.    The trashy truck trick


After finishing up on our Jobsite yesterday, I opened the door to my truck to find the door handles had been greased, along with the handle of my tackle box. When I backed out of the parking space, I realized that my co-workers had also tied a trash barrel to the front of my truck spilling garbage everywhere.

2.    B-b-but that’s my daughter….


A guy at work was bugging me about being single and told me to go out there and start “sport-sh*gging,” so I found out his daughter’s name (he was considerably older than me) and found her on Facebook. I asked her if she would help me prank her dad and she agreed, so we went out on a date and I got a picture taken of us drinking out of a big fruity drink with two straws and put it in a heart-shaped frame on my desk at work. I then got someone else to tell this guy that I’d fallen head-over-heels in love with a girl and have a picture on my desk of her. He came up and saw the picture. There was about three minutes of silence, then all I heard him mumble is, “but that’s my daughter…………….” I was the king of the office for a while after that one.

3.    The floating bicycle


A co-worker of mine decided that he’d had enough of our warehouse manager parking his car in the loading dock area in the most inconvenient spot possible, so he took a roll of industrial-sized plastic wrap and completely wrapped the manager’s car with the entire roll.

Later that day, my co-worker clocked out to go home and discovered his bicycle (his main form of transportation) had been tied to a ceiling beam 40 feet in the air with no way to get it down. There was a note taped on the wall where he usually kept his bike during the day that said, “Get on my level.”

4.    That’s en-hoff


I started working at my first professional job out of college and one of the IT guys had a little fun with me. He sent out a company-wide email with my name as the sender to 350 people stating that I was new to the company and that I wanted to try and meet new people. The email stated that I had David Hasselhoff tickets and that if anyone one was interested they could go to the concert for free with me.

5.    Hearing things


While one guy was on vacation, the others dismantled one of his cubicle walls and hid speakers inside that were hooked up to a PC that was itself hidden in the bottom drawer of a desk on the other side of the wall. The PC was hooked up to the network so that any of them could remote in at any time. When he came back from his vacation, they would continually play random sounds from the hidden speakers – usually his cell phone ringtone when he was just a few feet away from his desk. This went on for two weeks until he finally realized that everyone was laughing just a little bit too much. He proceeded to Hulk out and basically tore down the cube wall to get the speakers out.

6.    (Ore)oh my gosh!


I took apart Oreo cookies and refilled them with toothpaste and left them in the lunch room.

7.    The Pepsi challenge


We had an awesome manager (who was like a father to me), let’s call him “T”, who would only drink Pepsi. Not even other Pepsi products, just Pepsi. Now one day a print shop girl, “K” went out to get food and drinks for all of us. Every single one of us ordered Coke, except T. When K returned, she forgot T’s Pepsi, which he took as a slight.

Here’s where the fun starts.

The next day, T took K’s headset (which were connected to radios and we were required to wear) , and wrapped it in a MASSIVE ball of packing tape. Seriously, this ball was a good foot in diameter. He then wrote “WHERE’S MY DAMN PEPSI?” on it in Sharpie, and put it with the head sets. K wasn’t able to cut through the tape because she might have snipped the headset wire, so she had to spend most of the day unwinding this tape ball.

The next day, K bought a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi and wrapped T’s headset around it. She then started wrapping tape around it, inserting layers of thick plastic signage to stop any attempts to cut through. When she was done, this tape/headset/plastic/pepsi ball was around 2 feet in diameter. She then wrote “RIGHT HERE” on it, and left it with the headsets. T then had to spend most of HIS day to get his headset out and drink the Pepsi.

Finally, T got his revenge about a week later on his day off. He came to work during K’s shift, and wrapped her entire vehicle in shipping saran wrap. Layer upon layer, covering the entire car. He then phoned the print shop and asked K to come outside. When K walked outside, T (driving his Ford car) screamed “THANKS FOR THE PEPSI!” and ripped out of the parking lot. The war ended that day.

8.    The mousetrap


I’m a Network Admin so I was able to pull this one off:

I wrote a script that everyday, at around 2pm, would uninstall the mouse from a co-worker’s computer. The best part about the prank is the subtlety. All it takes to correct the problem is unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in, no real damage is done to the computer or anything, so there was no reason to believe someone was messing with him.

After a few days of unplugging and re-plugging the mouse, he came in and swapped his mouse for a new one because, “something is wrong with this one.” The problem continued… After a half dozen more mice, he eventually came to the conclusion that this was a computer issue, not something related to the mouse. I must have let him google it for 3 more days before I removed the script.

Never told him I did it, the problem just “fixed” itself.

9.    A war on many fronts


I had a small prank war with my cube-mate not too long ago:

  • Put a piece of post-it paper under his mouse, so he would think it stopped working. I did this to him 3 times in one day, and all 3 times he thought his machine locked up.
  • Unplugged his keyboard
  • Changed the settings on his chair
  • Raised/lowered the volume of his headset
  • Hung his mouse up on the wall
  • Unplugged the cable of his monitor so the screen would flicker with movement
  • Replaced his cup of water with an identical cup of hot water


10.  Telling porkies


I worked in a busy hot kitchen. It was my first job washing dishes. During a huge rush the head cook stops mid burger flip and looks at me and yells “GET ME THE BACON STRETCHER ASAP!”

Being 14 and this was my first job, he was an authority figure so I didn’t ask questions. I just ran to the back room and started looking around for anything that could have been a bacon stretcher… I asked one of the waitresses where it was and she played along “I thought I put it in the dish area for you to clean,” she said.

The horror on my face must have been priceless.

I ran back to my sinks and I only realized what was going on when the cook was just laughing his ass off at my panic.

(Source: Reddit)


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