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Eiffel Tower - The W1nners' Club

Neymar Transfer – (not) just the ticket!


Neymar has agreed a world record breaking transfer to Paris Saint-Germain that is said to include free tickets up the Eiffel Tower according to a W1nners’ Club source.


Neymar decided to leave Barcelona upon being offered a deal worth nearly £450m that includes wages of £515,000 a week, bonuses, a buyout clause of £198m and free lift entrance tickets up the Eiffel Tower anytime he wants.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Head of Player Transfers Mr. Mehdi Cal said, “We really tried absolutely everything to try and get Neymar to sign with us. We flew over to Rio to join him on holiday where he made us get involved in various drinking games and then pay for all the drinks – the little scamp! The clincher however, was the offer of free lift entrance tickets up the Eiffel tower for the next five years. At €11.00 a pop to take you to the second floor, even Neymar wasn’t able to turn us down.”

Neymar is expected to join five of his international Brazilian teammates at PSG, including Dani Alves and Thiago Silva but it is rumoured that he will be the only player in the squad that has been offered an expense account at The Eiffel Tower’s ‘Les boutiques de souvenirs’ gift shop.

Edinson Cavani has stated that he would relish playing alongside Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain, but is especially looking forward to regular games of I-Spy on the top floor of Gustave Eiffel’s iconic structure where you apparently get stunning views of Paris and its monuments on a clear day.

“Neymar has had to deal with huge pressure to stay at Barcelona. His teammates wanted him to stay but free tickets to the Sagrada Familia isn’t quite as exciting as dropping a penny off the top floor of the Eiffel Tower simply because you heard it could kill someone if it landed on their head when you were back at school,” Mr. Cal added.


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