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Rap Battle Omega Voice Assistant – will insult your mother in rap battle mode…..


A new A.I. voice assistant launched by comes with an MC rap battle functionality The W1nners’ Club can reveal.


The new artificial intelligence product, similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa – will insult everything about you from your mother, right down to the clothes you wear and the way you speak when the rap battle mode is switched on.’s Head of Beats and Rhymes Mr. Noah Diggity said, “There’s so much you can do with a voice platform beyond simply ordering pizza and checking your bank balance. Our new Omega system will allow users to enjoy all the benefits of hanging out with himself such as engaging in rap battles with you and being told that you’re not good enough to make it in the music industry as if you are a contestant on The Voice. Unfortunately, due to the audio only nature of the device however, anybody that wants to look at pictures of Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas will have to do a straight Google image search on their mobile phone.”

The Omega voice assistant has several basic insults built into its core memory for new users who want to engage the platform in a rap battle namely:  ‘Yo momma’s teeth are so yellow, when she smiled at traffic, it slowed down,’ ‘Yo momma’s so fat, she brought a spoon to the Super Bowl,’ and ‘Yo momma’s so dumb, when she went to the movies and saw the “Under 17 not permitted” sign, she left to get 16 of her friends,’ but the platform’s machine learning capabilities will enable it go on and insult other members of your family the more you engage with it.

Tech experts have criticised the reliability of Omega’s food recipe search function after a number of users complained that every time they asked for something that contains Black Eyed Peas, the system started playing tracks from’s former group’s second album.

I got a feeling that Omega is really gonna pump it in the marketplace. Users just can’t get enough and I don’t lie when I say that our competitors will have to shut up or at least meet me halfway,” Mr. Diggity added.


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