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Qatar Airways – can be cured by inhaling steam


Long-haul flights from Cardiff to the Middle East have been announced by Qatar Airways even though most Welsh holidaymakers believe the airline is a new Cold and Flu remedy.


Cardiff Airport was bought by the Welsh Government in 2013 for £52m following a slump in passenger numbers, but travellers remain confused as to why stocking it full of bottles of cough mixture will make them want to fly from there.

Qatar Airways’ Head of Marketing Mr. Ivor Fever said, “We will now be able to offer Welsh passengers more choice of travel with a world-class airline, providing easy connections to destinations across the world – even the ones that none of them have ever heard of like Doha. Whilst providing a service from the Vale of Glamorgan direct to Hamad International Airport is just about as random as air travel gets, we may acquire a few new passengers if there’s a bit of flu going round.”

The new direct route from Cardiff to Doha is a reminder that the economy of Qatar is growing significantly, with trade between Wales and the Arab world increasing as a result of the latest Middle Eastern craze of playing Rugby whilst listening to Tom Jones, eating leeks and reading a Dylan Thomas poem about the exploits of Richard Burton in a male voice choir at The Eisteddford.

Figures released this month show that in 2016 trade between Wales and Qatar amounted to £26m, although Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones stated that the figure could be much higher as most cold symptoms don’t get reported officially.

“The trouble with having a name that sounds like a build-up of mucus in an airway of the body is that it immediately conjures up negative images. This is supposed to be a ‘game changing’ announcement for Cardiff Airport and for Wales, but most people are going to think of Tony Pulis clearing out his sinuses on the touchline on a cold and rainy Monday night in Stoke,” Mr. Fever added.


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