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Volkswagen electric cars – no need to worry about running out of power


German car manufacturer Volkswagen unveiled its latest all-electric concept vehicle that can reach top speeds of 112 mph and a range of 300 miles on a single full tank of diesel.


The new electric concept vehicle is the third in VW’s new line up after its hatchback and van concepts and is also supposedly fully autonomous as long as somebody has full control of the vehicle at all times.

Volkswagen’s Head of Electric Car Development Mr. Miles Perour said, “Ever since the Diesel emissions scandal, we’ve been trying our best to make up for past indiscretions by developing an all-electric vehicle that is a viable alternative to the gas-guzzlers of yesteryear. Our new cars will have electric windows, electric windscreen wipers, an electric cigarette lighter and we are working on a version that uses electricity to power the lights and the indicators as well.”

The capabilities of VW’s new concept vehicle are worth noting as an electric car with such an extended range could make EVs more attractive to motorists by eliminating the fear of running out of power – the availability of a diesel pump at most petrol stations being the main reason behind this.

Volkswagen has also gone so far as to call its new concept car a “smartphone on wheels” in a press release, although mobile phone operators have been quick to point out that smartphones don’t emit harmful diesel exhausts that can lead to serious illnesses and global warming.

“Our new all-electric cars will generally have a better fuel economy than equivalent gasoline engines and will generally produce less greenhouse gases. I use the word ‘generally’ because the existence of an exhaust pipe that pumps out Nitrogen Oxide and sulphur deposits may prove problematic when it comes to testing our vehicles for fuel emissions – but our engineers tell me there might be ways around that particular problem,” Mr. Perour added.


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