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Gandhi funeral scene - The W1nners' Club

Twitter – less characters than the funeral scene in Gandhi despite the recent increase….


Twitter has failed in its recent bid to beat Richard Attenborough’s Oscar winning movie ‘Gandhi’ for the record number of characters ever witnessed on a screen.


Despite allowing an increase in the amount of characters users can use in a tweet from 140 to 280, it is thought that this figure still falls far short of the 300,000 that were used in the funeral scene for Gandhi, the most ever witnessed on a screen according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Twitter’s Head of Tweet Lengthening Mrs. Lexy Callie-Long said, “We really thought that we might get it this time. The team here namely: myself, Jack and a whole host of extra software engineers that were drafted in specially for the job, were putting in all-nighters for several months in the hope that we might beat Gandhi’s record for the most number of characters ever witnessed on a screen. Whilst the increase will likely prove significant enough to give Donald Trump enough lexicographical freedom to provoke a nuclear attack from The Vatican, it wasn’t quite enough to beat the biographical drama about one of the greatest men to have ever graced the earth.”

The San Francisco company is rumoured to be contemplating legal action in appeal of the decision on the grounds that nobody goes to read their tweets on a cinema screen and as such, the relatively smaller size of smartphone screens make their 280 character limit a much more significant proportion of the total screen size relative to the size of the extras used in Richard Attenborough’s film.

A spokesperson from the Guinness Book of Records has stated however that tweets can be filled with empty spaces, links and poo emojis – which should in theory be much easier than trying to get half the population of New Delhi to stop doing what they’re doing for two whole days whilst you arse about with a video camera.

“We’re gutted if I’m totally honest with you. As far as increases in size go, our tweet limit doubling from 140 to 280 characters is right up there with the difference in size between Haley Joel Osment today and Haley Joel Osment in the movie Sixth Sense – but I guess on this occasion it just wasn’t enough,” Mrs. Callie-Long added.


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