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Donald Trump on Twitter - The W1nners' Club

Twitter – getting trumped by The Don of online abuse


Twitter has announced it will expand its efforts to protect users from abuse and harassment, by trying to get President Trump’s account suspended.


The social media platform has come under fire recently for failing to address hate and abuse since its founding a decade ago and its reputation as a free speech haven has come into conflict with allowing the US President to offend pretty much anyone that has ever had an abortion and/or works at the retailer Nordstrom.

Twitter’s Head of Audience Engagement Mrs. Imogen V’ideo said, “It’s quite clear to us that the reason why we haven’t yet found a buyer is because potential suitors have been put off by the culture of hate and abuse among some users on our platform – we’re also aware that most of this is down to one user in particular. If we get him to start using Snapchat (a) We’ll probably find a buyer straight away and (b) his hateful bile won’t stay around for more than 24 hours which has got to be seen as a bonus for everyone.”

Twitter has said it will create a, ‘safe search,’ feature that warns users if The US President is about to get annoyed about something and also removes tweets from search results that may contain potentially sensitive content by flagging up the keywords: Golf, Travel Ban, Hairdresser, Tower, Hilary, Muslim or Melania.

Twitter recently suspended the accounts of various prominent figureheads of the “alt-right” fringe movement – an amorphous mix of racism, white nationalism, xenophobia and anti-feminism and as a result remain confident they can call on the experience gained in dealing with such people to get Mr. Trump’s account muted.

Other internet companies have also taken steps to curb abusive behaviour by banning users who violate rules against promoting hate, but none have thus far had to deal with a troll that has the launch codes for the world’s largest nuclear arsenal scribbled on the back of a Kanye West CD in a desk at The Oval Office.

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