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Three Mobile - The W1nners' Club

Three Mobile – witty caption text contained in the image above


Customers of Three Mobile are refusing to pay their phone bills after receiving embarrassing messages intended for other users after a fault on the network.


Customers on the mobile provider that uses the slogan, “best network for data” – were left unable to make or receive calls for around four hours over the weekend, as well as receiving random text messages such as “Is your husband still away?” and “How much for three grams?”

Three’s Head of Technical Support Mr. Carl Centre said, “Our advice is to ignore all SMS that you deem to be incorrect. We had one customer that filled a briefcase full of £50,000 in £50 notes and went to meet a gang of blokes driving Range Rovers and armed with sawn off shotguns at a remote farmhouse in the Essex countryside. When he handed over the cash they gave him several kilos of cocaine in return – all because he received a text saying, “either pay your bill today or say goodbye to Charlie.” Apparently Charlie is the name of his pet dog.”

One customer tried contacting Three and was eventually told via text alert that the network in their area was OK – although the customer in question suspects this may have been intended for someone on the Vodafone network.

Twitter users also took to the social media site to complain about the debacle, with one customer tweeting: “Just received a text from my husband asking if I’ve already planned tonight’s dinner or if he should stop off and get Fish and chips on the way home instead! I wouldn’t mind so much but my husband died six years ago! FFS!”

A spokesperson for Three Mobile Support also tweeted: “Some customers are having issues making calls and sending texts. We’re working on getting this sorted but in the meantime we ask that all drivers return to the depot to have their oil changed and tyre pressure checked!”


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