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Package holiday sunbeds could prove pivotal during Brexit negotiations…..


Thomas Cook customers have demanded to be offered the chance to reserve their sunbeds before they have even booked a holiday destination.


Thomas Cook’s new trial scheme will allow customers to pay a £22 premium to book a specific sun lounger in advance of their holiday, but UK holidaymakers fear this may still not be enough to get hold of a sunbed before any German holidaymakers that may be staying at the same resort.

Regular UK Package Holidaymaker Mr. Dicky Tummy said, “We always lose to the Germans when it comes to taking penalties in a major football tournament so my fear is that they’re so good with technology that they’ll more than likely find a way to receive their booking confirmation emails before we do. By the time you come to choose a sunbed for your holiday therefore, most of the hotel pool map will already be covered with images of little virtual German towel flags. The only way we can be sure that we’ll beat the Germans to a sunbed on holiday is to book the sunbed before you choose the actual holiday.”

UK travel industry body ABTA have criticised demands to allow for the booking of sunbeds before an actual holiday is chosen because it says hotels would need to stock up on huge numbers of England Three Lions beach towels which may have to be paid for using the budgets that are currently allocated for fake food poisoning compensation claims.

German Lawyer Ralf Höcker states in his 2005 book The New Dictionary of Popular Legal Errors that under German law a British tourist would be well within their legal rights to ignore the reservation implied by a beach towel that is strategically placed on a sun lounger if there is nobody there, but Brexit may inadvertently result in holidaying Brits having to honour the fact that a sunbed has a towel on it as a result of no longer being protected by EU law.

“Me and the Mrs. already know which sunbeds we’d like to book for our next four holidays going forward, but we’re currently struggling to agree on a destination,” Mr. Tummy added.


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