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Tesla Solar pwer plant - The W1nners' Club

Tesla SolarCity – staff went straight ohm to their families and offered very little resistance……


Tesla has fired a large number of employees at its SolarCity subsidiary in a bid to reduce the electricity bill.


The SolarCity employees in question say they were surprised to be told they were being sacked as part of wide-reaching energy saving measures, mainly because the entire plant is supposed to run on power that is generated by the sun.

Tesla’s Head of Solar Power Mr. Max Voltage said, “Unfortunately, due to the escalating cost of electricity we have unfortunately had to lay off a large number of staff to help reduce the energy bills. Despite being one of the leading solar panel installers in the US, you still need a bit of help from traditional energy sources because, well – just think back to the last time you tried to use a solar powered calculator and had to hold it up to the widow just to be able to see the figures, imagine trying to do that with a f*cking factory!”

A huge number of SolarCity employees across the United States have been fired in the last two weeks and it is rumoured the company will be introducing a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule for staff that continually leave the lights on after using the toilet.

In a further bid to make energy savings, staff undertaking the night shift will be forced to work via candlelight and will also be supplied with a pair of standard issue fingerless gloves and a pair of long johns that have a picture of Elon Musk’s head on the gusset to help them stay warm during the winter months.

“There’s no way you can make solar panels by just using solar power. We have over 33,000 employees working at this company and if only a tiny percentage of them decide to charge their phones using the plug socket in the office then we’re f*cked! You have to remember that there is only one sun after all,” Mr. Voltage added.


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