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Plastic carrier bag – in need of a loving new home


Tesco will stop selling its 5p plastic carrier bag at the end of the month and will encourage the use of 10p ‘bags for life’ by adopting the slogan, ‘a bag is for life, not just for Christmas.’


The retailer says that thoughtless people who purchase 5p carrier bags on a whim after seeing them on social media, have helped to contribute to the highest ever number of bags being abandoned at Christmas.

Tesco’s Head of Abandoned Plastic Bag Rehoming Mrs. Carrie Erbag said, “A rise in celebrities and social media influencers showcasing their 5p carrier bags is believed to have contributed to the figures. In this day and age, where plastic bags are readily available in most supermarkets, people are still choosing to purchase them on impulse without thinking about the long-term effect this will have on their life – the bag’s that is. We took a record number of calls in the period after Christmas from people saying they couldn’t cope with their plastic bags and we’re currently on the lookout for new homes for the abandoned bags – preferably people that go shopping at least once a week.”

Tesco sells about 700 million single-use carrier bags every year, the highest among all the major supermarkets and if the bag shows any health problems like a ripped handle or a hole in the bottom, people simply abandon them because they are unprepared for the work that’s required to repair them.

Celebrity bag owners don’t always set a good example either. Justin Bieber recently abandoned his Costcutter plastic carrier bag after six months, giving it to his backing dancer who now looks after it along with the two other supermarket carrier bags she owns.

“People need to realise that owning a plastic bag is a lifelong commitment and not just a passing fad. At least by investing 10p in a ‘bag for life’ our customers will have some idea of what’s required to provide a plastic carrier bag with the love and care it needs,” Mrs. Erbag added.


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