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Six hour day – it’s bad form to be the last person to leave the office everyday


Sweden recently went back to an eight hour working day because employees would rather stay in the office and claim overtime than go home to be with their loved ones.


The City of Gothenburg didn’t extend the experiment into the benefits of working shortened workdays because the budget allocated for the two year study was used up within the first 4 months as workers hung around watching You Tube videos for a couple of hours on time and a half pay.

The University of Gothenburg’s Head of Social Sciences Mrs. Kaye Study said, “It’s all fine and dandy telling workers they only have to stay in the office until 4pm, but most people can’t handle spending any more time with their families than they do already. When everybody finished work at 6pm, they didn’t get home until 7:30. Once you’ve had dinner, washed up and seen an episode of Homeland on Netflix, you only get 15 minutes to chat to the missus before it’s time for bed.”

For the short period the study was active, researchers found that workers who didn’t go straight home at 4pm were usually less tired, less sick, had more energy during the day and generally got on with their colleagues better in the morning because they hadn’t had a row with their partner at the breakfast table.

Specifically, workers who stayed late took fewer sick days than they did when working shorter, six hour days. They also took fewer sick days than workers in the control group who had to be dragged out of the office kicking and screaming by security upon being told that they wouldn’t be allowed back until 9am the next morning.

“In general, the working population of Sweden are in much better health than the average Swede who is unemployed. Whilst the study didn’t run long enough to fully measure the health effects of having to spend more time at home with your relatives, the research indicates that working only six hours may cause you permanent emotional damage,” Mrs. Study added.


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