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Superdrug – still selling items on ebay…


Superdrug has delivered strong annual profit increases after selling the contents of Kim Kardashian’s make up bag on ebay.


Pre-tax profits at the retailer rose 41% to £80.4m in the 53 weeks to 31 December 2016, after the company sold the reality TV star’s belongings when she left them at the Superdrug offices after a business meeting.

Superdrug’s Head of Celebrity Partnerships Mrs. Fay Mouse said, “We couldn’t believe our luck to be honest with you. One minute we were having a discussion with Kim Kardashian about whether she wants to continue endorsing our banana face powder, next thing you know we’ve got a load of Kanye’s jewellery in our possession. We assessed the situation and decided we’d make a damn sight more money selling Kanye’s stuff on ebay, so we acted in the best interests of the business.”

Superdrug said that its cosmetic sales skyrocketed by 14% last year, helping it to achieve a market share of 30% for the first time ever, but this pales in insignificance when compared with how much was made selling the 18 carat gold rings and pendants from Kanye’s YEEZY collection that were found in one of the make-up bag’s side pockets.

The company opened 23 new stores last year and pumped £33m into store revamps, but none of this has had as much of an effect on the bottom line as Kanye’s 14th-century Florentine art inspired collaboration with Jacob the Jeweller’s Jacob Arabo.

“We have had a strong year and are pleased with the company’s performance, but the big challenge for next year will be to get Mrs. Kardashian-West to visit our offices in Croydon again. At the moment she thinks her husband’s bling was, ‘accidentally disposed of by the cleaner,’ but if she goes onto ebay to order more banana face powder she might find out the truth – eek!” Mrs. Mouse added.


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