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Argentinian Steak – Animal rights activists have raised concerns about it being used for meat….


Steak that is derived from the meat of Argentinian cows that are micro-chipped will soon be sold in pet shops The W1nners’ Club has recently learned.


The South American state’s government is promoting the technology in an effort to increase the traceability of supplies and to make beef shipments more attractive as household pets.

Argentinian Agriculture Minister Mr. Filet Mignon said: “Previously, our farmers always used coloured ear tags to manually track cattle but the advent of Microchip technology and the accompanying digital tracking means that ordering a T-bone steak at a restaurant will be just like owning a new puppy. We hope to significantly increase our beef exports by making Argentinian meat produce eligible for sale in pet shops alongside pugs, desert Iguanas and male spotty nosed pythons.”

The new technology is expected to pave the way for Argentina to sell its beef to countries with even the most stringent import requirements, but animal rights activists have raised concerns about the welfare of Argentinian steak cuts if they ultimately end up being sold to the organisers of China’s Yulin dog meat festival to be used as meat to feed festival-goers.

Argentinian beef shipments to the US have been banned since 2001 because of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, but it is hoped that the ability to track steaks all the way back to the ranch will allay new pet owners’ fears about having to spend a fortune on veterinary bills for their tender new sirloin.

“We’ve been in talks with our counterparts in the US to resume exports of Argentinian beef to the country for a few months now. The US would put us in the shop window for other very demanding markets like the United Kingdom who are known throughout the world for being a nation of pet lovers,” Mr. Mignon added.


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