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McFlurry - The W1nners' Club

McFlurry – Limited Edition Renaissance Flavour


McDonalds is suing the Sistine Chapel for using the approximate shape of a McFlurry tub in the design for its main dome.


After several high profile spats with the Italian authorities this year over whether the fast food chain is an appropriate vendor to trade in the historic plazas of Florence and The Vatican, McDonlads have taken legal action in an attempt to prove their classical era credentials.

McDonalds’ newly appointed head of historical architecture, Mrs. Renee Sance said, “Whilst we completely agree that the historical and cultural heritage of Italy’s town centre plazas must be preserved, it is clear to anyone that has ever bought a Crème Egg Mcflurry drizzled with fondant sauces and sprinkled with chocolate pieces that the main architectural features of these places are based on the principal design of our Mcflurry tub. We therefore cannot accept discriminatory regulations that damage the freedom of private initiative when our Mcflurry tubs are more renaissance than Michael fucking Angelo.”

The fast-food giant has had plans for an outlet on the Piazza del Duomo rejected by Florence’s mayor in June and last month it was reported that cardinals at the Vatican had been angered by plans to open a branch in a piazza next to Saint Peter’s Square.

“We’ve tried everything to prove we will add to the cultural significance of these places but it simply falls on deaf ears. We offered to get a bloke in to paint a few of our Instagram posts on the ceiling, we tried to hire a Lute player to come in every Thursday and we even considered changing the two arcs in our logo to two cherubs. Does this make a blind bit of difference? Does it Last Supper! Legal action is therefore our only alternative.”

A spokesman from The Sistine Chapel has stated on record that the Mcflurry tub is the very anti-thesis of renaissance art and comparing the works of Boticelli and Perugino to a tub of ice cream is an insult to the creative endeavour of such grand masters. He also added that the only ice cream that sounds anything close to something renaissancey is Vienetta!

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